Drive Therapy

Drive Therapy
Drive Therapy

Drive Therapy is a combination of all my skills and knowledge to create a unique solution to driving challenges. We will be utilising a completely new and dynamic system of road safety and thought awareness to help you to overcome your driving difficulties.

Combining eight years as a Driving Instructor and sixteen and a half years as a Driving Test Examiner I have experienced a wealth of knowledge regarding all aspects of what can be called ‘difficulties’ with driving. I will be able to quickly assess what areas we can work on and then by using my professional and supportive skills of Psychotherapy, Counselling & Hypnotherapy you will be on the road to success.

Areas of which Drive Therapy is applicable:

  • Driving test nerves or repeatedly failing the test when you can drive to the test standard
  • Avoiding motorways and dual carriageways
  • Fear of snow, fog, bad weather and night driving
  • Fear of having an accident or now experiencing anxiety or panic after an accident
  • Avoiding roundabouts, busy junctions or heavy traffic
  • Nervous driving alone or with passengers
  • Difficulty driving after being criticised by your spouse or partner
  • General lack of confidence in your driving ability
  • Speeding, drink/drug driving or having road rage
  • Having encountered road rage
  • Drivers who keep accumulating penalty points
  • Anxiety of driving in new areas
  • Driving after health challenges
  • Experienced mature drivers whom have lost confidence or may not have driven for a lengthy period of time

Drive Therapy is available in Newcastle under Lyme/Stoke on Trent, Burton upon Trent, home visits and nationally through skype.


“No matter what your level of ability, you have more potential than you can ever develop in a lifetime.” Anonymous.