Connecting to nature by MJ Lockett.

Recently I had the pleasure and luxury of spending some time in the depths of the forest in the lake district. I choose to be stiller, quieter and to plug back in with nature. I saw, felt, smelt, tasted and touched our earth and it had a potent healing effect on me in ways I didn’t know I needed the earths vibration.

Throughout the day I watched the vitality of the pine trees as beams of light filtered through to the mossy grass. I noticed how a short refreshing rain fall created an earthy aroma that seemed to come from the whole of the forest, not one particular tree. Although my dog awoke me at 4am, I was over joyed to feel the wet dew slickly applied to the grass. I couldn’t help but notice how much pure, fresh, clean and delightful energy was attached to each blade of grass. The dawn looked magical and it was uplifting to connect with the forest as a new day of unlived potential lay ahead.

As the day unfolded I checked in with forest to see the red squirrels performing an elaborate dance around the silver birches truck. Simply catching a busy woodpecker through the corner of my eyes showed me how striking his metallic blue and brown markings were. The more I slowed down the more I noticed what beauty was all around.

The forest was revealing a gift in every given moment, my job was to be aware, thankful and in harmony. One evening I had just placed my book down and was deep in thought of the novel when I began to see the shift in colours of the sun setting. In a second an expanse of orange, layered with soft purple began to emerge on the horizon. This enigmatic horizon looked like a perfect watercolour palette all flowing into each other. I sat and watched in awe for I was so grateful that I had fully noticed this wonderful display of the sun setting. It made think about how many inspiring sunrises or sunsets we may have witnessed but perhaps the smaller stressors of life were overtaking the magic and beauty of nature? It reminded me of power of nature and how we too are connected to our Divine planet, it is our inherent nature.

So, I hope you can take your shoes off and feel the cool grass, perhaps make a daisy chain whilst you are there? Even in the smallest of green spaces life is bursting through, lets notice and enjoy it.