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Weight Loss
Weight Loss

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Gastric band hypnotherapy is an alternative to gastric band surgery

Gastric band surgery is successful at helping people lose weight but, comes with potential risks and complications.

Gastric band hypnotherapy does not require surgery. It is a technique I use to get the unconscious mind to believe it has had a gastric band fitted. The aim is that on an unconscious level, you will accept that you have had the procedure and that your stomach has reduced in size.

Gastric band surgery comes with a certain degree of risk. Gastric band hypnosis can be used to help people lose weight, without this risk. The hypnosis convinces you at a subconscious level that you have had an operation to insert a gastric band. Your body then responds by making you feel fuller quicker, as if you had the real surgery.

The overall aim of gastric band hypnosis is to curb your appetite and encourage a healthier relationship with food. When your subconscious believes, you have had a gastric band fitted, it will believe your stomach is smaller. This in turn makes your brain send out messages that you are full after consuming less food.

For those who overeat, recognising when you’re physically full can be difficult. Sometimes we eat purely for the taste (or comfort), ignoring whether we are physically hungry. Learning to recognise the physical sensations of being hungry and being full is important for weight management.

Unlike gastric band surgery, the virtual gastric band does not have any physical side-effects. For some, the real surgery can cause nausea, vomiting and acid reflux. As gastric band hypnosis isn’t a physical process, it will not cause any such symptoms.

Gastric band hypnotherapy is five sixty minute sessions, usually a week apart.